Friday, September 10, 2010

Two policemen wounded in Şırnak

10 September 2010

Riots erupted between demonstrators and policemen

Two policemen were wounded in the clash in Beytüşşebap/Şırnak that broke out with the police attack on the demonstration against the military operation in Hakkari rural, where nine guerrillas lost their lives.

Last evening, hundreds of young demonstrators came together in Tatar, Elki Districts and Cumhuriyet Street of Beytüşşebep/Şırnak, lighting fires and chanting slogans “PKK people are here”, “Revenge”, “Öcalan”. When demonstrators, who were attacked with gas bombs after a while, responded the police attack with stones; a fire broke out with the hit of a gas bomb on a coffee house on Cumhuriyet Street. And journalist Emin Bal was assaulted and affronted by police, when he wanted to record the events. It has been reported that two policemen were wounded in the clashes that lasted till late hours at night.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil