Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Zana called KRG to put more effort for peace

21 September 2010

Former MP Zana called all parties in Kurdistan to help building permanent peace.

Former MP of Democracy Party (DEP) Leyla Zana called Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to put more efforts in building permanent peace.

Speaking in a panel on UN Peace Day of 21 September in Duhok city of Federal Kurdistan Region, Leyla Zana said KRG should take more responsibility on Kurdish Question in Turkey. She said KRG has to show more efforts in building a permanent peace in Kurdistan.

Reminding the Turkish military operations despite the peace efforts from Kurds Zana said “Kurdish side declared a ceasefire in holy Ramadan. However, the Turkish state responded them with military operations. Turkey should appreciate these ceasefire days. Shedding blood is not good and cannot be the solution. And it should be known that the lives of the youth are more important than ours. "

Kurdish children are deprived of mother tongue education

Mentioning the school boycott campaign started by the Kurdish Linguistic Rights Movement (TZP) on 20 September Leyla Zana said "Kurdish still cannot receive education in their mother tongue. Kurdish children have to sing nationalistic Turkish anthems every morning before starting the classes. They are forced to say I am Turk, I am right, I am hardworking. This ruins their personality. Children growing under these circumstances face personality problems in future and deny their identity."

At the end of the panel the organiser Keskesor Organisation presented Leyla Zana “Mutual Life and Peace Prize” award.