Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hunger striking Kurds collapse

September 21, 2010 by sks

We have tried in vain to call out the Danish authorities to reconsider/review our cases and as a last resort have now gone on hunger strike. One of our comrades have been admitted to the Rigshospital Trauma Center after having thrown up blood yesterday, but he is now out of the hospital and has re-joined the hunger strike at the tent in front of Denmark’s parliament at Christiansborg Slotsplads, now reaching day 7.
There are already several people beginning to show signs of weakness and fatigue, and they are almost daily examined by a group of physicians and a nurse team, giving the best support possible.
Rodi, one of the hunger striking Kurds, says: “Although one of our comrades has been hospitalized and several others show signs of weakness, we will endure and are determined to implement it here, at least until we secure a total halt to deportations to Syria, adding that ”there is no difference whether we are forcibly deported to Greece, where the asylum system has broken down, or directly to Syria – the end result is that we end up in Syria to a destiny of persecution, discrimination, mistreatment, torture or worse. ”
Anas, who is also one of the hunger striker Kurds, explains further: “If you have been in a Syrian jail once, you’ll do everything in the world not to end there again.”
According to several human rights associations, the Syrian government is severely oppressing the Kurdish minority there, of which one third of these people are stripped of their Syrian citizenship and thus the right to free education, healthcare, etc.
You can find out more about the situation and visit the hunger strike outside the tent at Christiansborg Square Palace, where you can sign a petition in favor of the Syrian Kurds.
It is our strong opinion that asylum seekers, whom the authorities refused the asylum case in Denmark with a parrot-like reference to the Dublin Regulation, at a time when the Greek asylum system is obviously broken down, are in fact turned lawless in VKO regime’s so-called rule of law.
While writing this press release, yet another of the hunger striking Kurds has been acutely hospitalized at the University Hospital emergency room. More information later.
The Hunger Striking Syrian Kurds
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