Thursday, September 30, 2010

Syria sentences human rights defender

30 September 2010

One year prison sentence for human rights activist

A Syrian military court in Aleppo sentenced Ebdulhafiz Ebdulrehman, a human rights defender member of Syrian Human Rights Committee (MAF) to one year imprisonment on account of violating article 288 of the Syrian Penal Code which prohibits joining un-permitted political and social organisations.

MAF also reported that another Kurd called Hesen Ebdulqadir Nasan (31) was arrested by the security forces in the Kurdish city of Afrin and transferred to a prison in Damascus and the reason for the arrest remains unknown.

All the NGO’s and trade unions operating in Syria are under direct control of the Baath party. While no organisation can be founded without permission from the officials working for an international organisation may require heavy punishment. It is reported that there several human rights defenders and activist who face custody, interrogations and prosecutions in Syria.