Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Motives of Islamic regimes atrocity in Mehabad city:

Wednesday, 29 September 2010 02:32
Amin Rahimnzhad: On Wednesday 22 September 2010 in Mehabad city a lethal bomb was exploded among spectators at an annual military parade, which killed 11 innocent Kurdish civilians and wounded more than 90 others.

Islamic regime officials instantly claimed that “Anti-Revolutionaries” are behind the bombing aiming to destabilise region with support of Zionism and western states. Further to that the Islamic authorities stated that the people who committed atrocity have been identified and they will be brought to justice soon.

On the same day at 7.22pm Iranian English language satellite channel Press Tv published a statement from the Iranian authorities which stated that “police have arrested two people in connection with terrorist bombing North western Iranian city of Mehabad” .

However, in contradiction to the first statement on Sunday General Mohammad Pakpour revolutionary guards Corps ground forces commander stated that “the main element behind the recent bombing in Mehabad have been killed”.  He stated that in armed clashes with the group, 30 of them were killed and 2 of them managed to escape.

It is important to underline that the regimes initial statement and second statement are in conflict with each other and contradictory. First they have stated that two people have been arrested in connection with the bombing, while in second statement they have stated that all the people who were involved in terrorist bombing have been killed in armed clashes with the revolutionary guards and two of them have managed to escape. So we have to ask our self to what extent these two statements can be reconciled with each other.

Although the Iranian regime blamed “Anti-Revolutionaries” particularly Kurdish opposition political parties, Kurdish political parties unanimously condemned the atrocity and the act of terror, which was committed against the Kurdish defenceless people.

Kurds have avoided all kinds of terror and inhuman acts in their political struggle against the Islamic regime in Iran and other parts of Kurdistan Iraq, Turkey and Syria. However, theocratic regime and other Kurdish oppressors have always committed massacres against Kurdish people, and destroyed thousands of villages with purpose to demolish Kurdish identity and history.

Nonetheless, all the evidence display that the Iranian regime and revolutionary guards are behind the bombing. It’s reasonable to stay that the Islamic regime had great motive to commit such atrocity in Mehabad city.

Islamic regime is attempting to promote violence in Kurdish cities and towns in order to underpin its terror plots and anti-Kurdish policies. Further to that Islamic regime aimed to create hatreds among the Kurdish tribes as the victims mostly belong to a tribe in Eastern Kurdistan, whom are very well known for their involvement with the Islamic regime. However, recently dozens of people from the same tribe laid down their weapons and re-embraced their own nation and identity. This was a major threat to the regimes mono poly in the region. Therefore, it could be stated that regimes terror plot was designed to re-enforce the Kurds who laid down their weapons and re-establish their cooperation with the regime and those who still within the regimes system to be more determined to defend regimes war against the Kurds and participate in fighting against the Kurdish guerrillas and civilians more exclusively and effectively.

Moreover, Mehabad bombing was designed to discredit Kurdish political and social struggle against the Islamic regime.  Ever since Islamic regimes founded in 1979 Islamic regime have adopted diverse methods to terrorize Kurds and systematically isolates them from the rest of Iranian nations and International community by publishing false statements in regards of the Kurds and their situation.

Kurdistan deliberately classified as military zone in order to keep it undeveloped and be deprived of modern public services.

In addition to that, the Islamic regime managed to influence western states to consider regime as a victim of terror rather than being considered as terrorist state or the key international terrorist sponsorship as. By blaming Israel, Iranian regime is attempting to make a deal with western countries over Mehabad bombing, and exploit it in its diplomatic negotiations. And it could be felt through the Hilary Clintons and British Minister for Middle East Alistair burt statement when both stated that its necessary to fight terror jointly wherever it rears it heads. This statements indicate that western countries either they do not want to provoke Islamic regime because they are stacked in Iraq and Afghanistan and they do not acquire further problems in the region or they really consider Islamic regime as the victim of terror.

It also could be claimed that an aspect of the terror bombing in Mehabad was aimed to disturb peace process in Turkey and encourage Turkey to increase its attacks on Kurds and bring turkey in dangerous coalition against the Kurd and West.

In conclusion Iran claims that the terror is committed by US, Israel and West, and the revolutionary guards have involved in an armed clashes, which resulted to the death of 30 people who were behind the bombing and two of the alleged terrorist managed to escape. If that is the case as the revolutionary guards commander claimed then the thirty people whom were killed should be showed in state Tv and mainstream media or their identity shall be released to the victims of the bombing and Kurdish people. Even if the Iranian regime claims, as they did, that their forces involved in a clashes on Iraqi territories, then Iraqis government and Kurdistan regional government should have the bodies of the died people.

However, today Jabar Yawar KRG military spokesperson denied Iranian military incursion and also stated that he was surprised when he heard regime statements in regards of the involvement with terrorist groups on KRG territory.

If we consider all the circumstances a reasonable conclusion can be achieved that the regime is behind the bombing because it has great motive to do so.