Friday, September 24, 2010

Imprisoned writer banned from receiving his book

24 September 2010

An imprisoned Kurdish poet banned from received his book by the prison administration.

Kurdish poet Ramazan Çeper who is kept in Edirne F Type Prison completed his poetry book during his imprisonment. After the book was published the poet could not receive the book because the prison administration rejected the book on account of having been written in an unknown language.

Brother Lokman Çeper said it is another tragicomic reality of Turkey and an author cannot receive his own published book which he wrote in prison. He further stated that: “My brother wrote his poetry in the prison. These poets came out from prison but now they cannot go back there. What I cannot understand is if the book was forbidden why they let it go out of the prison at the beginning. The PM talks about freedom for Kurdish but what we see are more pressure more bans.”

Meanwhile the prison administration claimed that the book was not allowed in due to its content not the language.