Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kurdish Literature Festival in Berlin

30 September 2010

This weekend Berlin will host an important festival on Kurdish literature

A Kurdish Literature Festival is being organized in Berlin. A vast number of writers, novelists and poets are expected to attend the festival between 2-3 Octobers. Festival Arrangement Committee member Fehmi Balay remarked that they are aiming to hold Kurdish men of letters together.

Berlin Kurdish Literature Festival is organized by a number of establishments like Awadanî, KNK- Komîta Çand û Ziman, Navenda Kurdî, Bûn. The festival, which will take place between 2-3 October, is expected to be attended by a wide range of writers, poets, novelists and intellectuals. The festival will witness discussions about the future of the Kurdish literature and descriptions of new works.


Stating that Berlin has a high potential of Kurdish writers, Festival Arrangement Committee member painter Fehmi Balay spoke as follows; “With the organization of this kind of festival, we are aiming to take steps for the institutionalization of Kurdish literature. Another most important target is to associate writers, poets and intellectuals, to describe of new works and to create a dialogue between 4 corners. Such activities will create togetherness. The togetherness of language, writers and intellectuals… When all these come true, our literature will find its place in the world literature.” Fehmi Balay remarked that they are planning to ensure the continuity of this festival which was organized with the support of many Kurdish establishments this time.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil