Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tugluk: We still don't know what the state is aiming to

I saw a strong willingness for peace and solution in Imrali but we are unsure about the state. We still do not know whether the state aims at solution or purge", thus co-chair of DTK Aysel Tugluk who visited the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in Imrali island prison the other day summarized her feelings about the visit.

Speaking to Dicle News Agency Tugluk evaluated her first visit to Imrali after 5 years.

“I found Mr. Ocalan very dynamic, lively and determinant. He also has good command of the ongoing process. He has lost nothing from his enthusiasm and excitement.” said Tugluk. She further continued: “He said that he still believes in a peaceful and democratic solution based on brotherhood of the Kurdish and Turkish people. He is also decisive about a political solution and he will continue his endeavours for this solution. There is a will to continue the ceasefire and the PKK is acting in good faith. However, it still remains unclear how the Turkish state will respond, whether there is a strong will at the state side in order to solve problem. In order words we can put it in this way: Mr. Ocalan has a strong will for peace and solution. And it is based on brotherhood of the people.”

The approach of the state is unclear, we have concerns

Tugluk further stated that it is still unclear about which method the state will use to solve problem. Kurdish problem is due now and the Kurds have a strong and clear will to solve it. Although there is a solution project by the Kurds the state side is unclear. We are concerned about sincerity and willingness of the ruling AKP party.

“We are concerned whether the dialog aims at purge”

Tugluk also said that:”It is very clear that AKP is aware of the fact that conditions for the solution of the Kurdish problem are suitable. I also think that AKP has reached a consensus with the other organs of the state and persuaded them. However, there are clear differences between the AKP’s solution strategy and the Kurds’ strategy which is very clear. However, AKP’s approach remains unclear and we are concerned whether the government is aiming at purging the Kurdish movement rather than solving it.”

Ocalan is ready for the solution

Tugluk added: “I can say that Mr. Ocalan is ready for negotiations for solving the solution. He reiterated several times that he is decisive in negotiations. However, the approach of the officials is still clear and their approach will form the future of the process.

In terms of Mr. Ocalan and the PKK it is very clear. They performed their will for a solution based on democratic rights of the Kurds and they are waiting the state to respond this will.”

The state insists on leaving the problem unsolved

Tugluk further stated that the approach from the state which imposes a particular framework for the solution is not contributing the negotiations and it is another way to express their unwillingness. She also said that the political will of the Kurdish people should be understood clearly and the framework should be former in accordance with this will.

We should push the state

Tugluk also said that the Kurds should push the state for a solution. The state might be aiming at purging the Kurds but pressuring the state can help the solution.

Ocalan to be able to keep in touch with the PKK

Turgluk further stated that to be able to continue the negotiations Mr. Ocalan should be able to correspond with the organisation so that the talks can continue is a healthier way. He shold also be able to be in touch with political organisations within Turkey.