Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ala Talabani: The ceasefire process can not advance unilaterally

21 September 2010

Iraq Parliament Member Ala Talabani said that the ceasefire process can not advance unilaterally.

Stating that the ceasefire decision of KCK (Kurdistan Democratic Confederation) is a significant step in respect of solution of the Kurdish problem, Iraq Parliament Member Ala Talabani said; “The ceasefire process can not advance unilaterally.” Talabani remarked that the Kurdish National Conference also means surety of peace .

The woman representatives of the political parties in Federal Kurdistan Region indicated that the ceasefire decision can’t advance unilaterally, saying that the Turkish government must also take a step. Woman representatives pointed out that a national Kurdish conference will be ensure peace, demanding all political parties to get into act at short notice for a national conference. Iraq Parliament Member Ala Talabani, who is at the same time a major name of YNK (Kurdistan Patriots Federation), mentioned that the Kurdish political movements must unite and emphasized that it is high time for the National Kurdish Conference, which should not be procrastinated one more time. Reminding that Kurdish women also have divergent problems, Talabani worded te followings; “ We are now making preparations for our 2. conference. We are gathering the Kurdish women from Europe and the four corners of the world, and discussing. Kurdish political parties and men should also do something for the national conference to be made real. The date of the national conference should be determined for an earliest time. It should not be forgotten that the national conference will ensure peace.”

“The ceasefire process can’t be advanced unilaterally”

Underlining that Kurdish people have seeked for peace throughout history, Talabani spoke as follows; “As history has witnessed, Kurdish people have never occupied the lands or countries of others. This historical charge is up to women. It is known to everyone that the ceasefire process won’t advance unilaterally. The Turkish government must also take steps in this respect for the prolongation of the ceasefire.”

‘Like the Arab League, a Kurdish League must be formed as well’

Mentioning that the lateness of a Kurdish national conference has some excuses, Yekgirtuy Islamic Kurdistan member and Kurdistan MP Nasik Tofiq spoke the followings; “Kurdish people must urgently hold a national conference now. Kurdish people in four corners have various features and problems. Although the Kurdish people in South Kurdistan have a certain status, there are a number of unresolvable problems between Federal Kurdistan Region and the Iraq government. Federal Kurdistan Region mustn’t ignore the problems of Kurdish people in other parts. Just as Arabs come together under a certain organized state and discuss about their problems, Kurdish people must also manage to do that.”

Goran Movement member Seyran Abdullah mentioned that women must shoulder a bigger responsibility in forming the National Kurdish Conference, saying; “As women, we must apply pressure on all political parties, especially the parties we are present at.”