Friday, September 24, 2010

What Kurdish citizens expect of change movement (Groan) in Kurdistan? - By Baqi Barzani

Given the brief stint of its founding, the victory that the change movement, or “Goran”, succeeded to secure in Kurdish parliament and the broad backing it enjoys today among the general Kurdish public is something unprecedented in the history of Kurdish nation.

Goran’s election mottoes compromise of: eliminating the widespread corruption, introducing innovative reforms and fighting social injustice in the society.

Every ordinary Kurdish citizen must have got wind of the precedent history, eminence, and function of Nawshirwan Mustafa in Kurdish national struggles. Nawshirwan Mustafa, the incumbent leader of Goran, is well recognized and highly praised for his heroism, courage, shrewdness, advocacy of Kurdish rights, sincerity and grasp of national and international political affairs. For decades, in conjunction with other brave Kurdish leaders, he was involved in almost every Kurdish uprisings and partisan wars against Saddam Ba'athist dictatorship.

Every Kurdish character definitely and differently had had his/her role in liberating Kurdistan, and dodging to cite their names is an indication of ingratitude.

Different political or religious groups hold distinctive agendas. Political and ideological differences will consistently persist. However, a party will thrive in contemporary elections and politics in Kurdistan that can truly toil for people, deliver the needs and demands of the overwhelming majority, earn the affection and respect of its citizens, and most notably, bear the capacity to coalesce the scattered Kurds together under a single umbrella.

In myriad nations around the world, individuals such as movie actors, sport players, writers and even singers have been opted for high profile government posts just because of being able to gain the high opinion of public.

Kurdistan has countless barriers in its way to cope with before it can attain its liberation and independence. Anti-KRG regimes seek to destabilize South Kurdistan with their incessant meddling and threats. Iran and Turkey have burgeoned their persecution, imprisonment and execution of Kurds.

Realizing the sensitivity of time and circumstances, what Kurdish masses truthfully expect of Goran movement is to continue participating in the political process with every other Kurdish party in South Kurdistan, work toward further strengthening our unity and rebuilding the nation, resolve its discrepancies with dialogue, seek a strategy to reverse Kirkuk and disputed areas combined with PUK, KDP, and step in the course of creating an independent Kurdish state in South Kurdistan, to begin with.