Monday, September 27, 2010

KCK says assimilation is crime against humanity

27 September 2010

KCK urges UN to take measure against Turkish assimilation on Kurds

Presidency of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Confederation (KCK) while greeting the school boycott by the Kurdish children stated that Turkish state is committing a crime against humanity by subjecting the Kurds to assimilation. KCK also urged UN to take measure against racist policies and practices which are clear violation of international law.

In its press release KCK greeted the school boycott campaign launched by the Kurdish Linguistic Rights Association in North Kurdistan [Turkey] between 20- 25 September. “The great success of the boycott campaign revealed the desire of the Kurdish children for mother tongue education all over Kurdistan” added KCK press release.

KCK statement followed: “It is a natural right for the children to receive education in their mother tongue which is also the most effective to secure the future of a nation. Therefore, the children cannot be deprived of the right to use mother tongue in every sphere of the life. Right to identity is a right enshrined by Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the other human rights instruments which make it one of the universally recognised human rights.”

Crime against humanity

KCK further stated that “the occupier Turkish state ruled by a monist mentality is imposing ‘one nation, one motherland, one flag, one language and one anthem’ approach on the Kurds. It is subjecting the Kurds to a cultural genocide for which the education system is used as the main component. Assimilation is a crime against humanity. Even the Turkish PM Erdogan himself stated that it is a crime against humanity during his visit to Germany. However, when it comes to the Kurdish children the Turkish state continues this crime in front of the international public opinion.”

Reminding the fact the UN treaties defines bans on culture and assimilation as crime against humanity KCK stated that e generation which does not learn its mother tongue cannot secure its existence and future which is exactly aimed by the Turkish state.

KCK further urged UN, ECHR and the other international organisation to take action against this assimilation on the Kurdish people.