Monday, September 20, 2010

Third Option - By Shalaw Fatah

There were 2 options in Turkey referendum, but BDP chose the third, which was a smart move. I don’t know about Erdogan’s sincerity when he asked the Kurds to participate in the referendum even by voting for “No”, but it seems clear that he expected their “Yes” vote, that’s why he did that risk. His expectation wasn’t bad any way, since those Kurds who participated voted for “Yes” mostly.

Erdogan should praise Kurds and BDP, because they avoid putting referendum’s result in danger. You might consider the former statement as “exaggeration”, but let’s examine the scenarios:

First, BDP decided to participate in the referendum and asked the Kurds to participate. But, there is not much about them in the amendments, that’s why the chances are, BDP should ask the Kurds to vote for “No”, in this case, Erdogan wouldn’t have a good situation, since %15 of the votes is at risk. Many Turkish writers and journalists confirmed this. But in this case, BDP would be lined with ultranationalists like CHP and MHP, which would stir the situation even more. BDP would be in danger of losing popularity for the validity of our former argument in eyes of some people. Despite the fact that, AKP would have a chance to mark BDP as anti-reformist.

Second, BDP decided to participate in the referendum and asked the Kurds to vote for “Yes”, but nor BDP neither I, can find a good reason for such a decision. What’s been said about reform and amendments aren’t enough in Kurd’s popular view. In this case, BDP would be seen as a “toy” in hands of AK Party, seen as a party deceived by smart tactics of the authority. It would be proper to expect losing it’s legitimacy as Kurds’ representative, paving the way to split in Kurdish popular view and its party, which would result in disaster for all.

The third option was boycott, that was the only option that was proper for BDP to take, since it resulted in these: BDP kept its attitude and fans since the other options were .... with negative results. BDP didn’t put the referendum result in danger, but even benefited it with decreasing the chance of No votes. Not stepping in anyone’s front, by voting for the options, BDP would be lined with others like, government or opposition. Examining its own popularity, because any other option would be taken as vague, but BDP could prove that they have the trust of many Kurdish provinces including Diyarbakir, and they represent them. At last, it was an example of a civic and moderate political move, which is not been taken very much in the Kurdish issue.

Isn’t it their right to be praised by both Kurds and Erdogn?