Sunday, September 26, 2010

TZP Kurdi says boycott a success

25 September 2010

School boycott a success, confirmed TZP Kurdi

TZP Kurdi (Movement for Research on the Kurdish Language, Development and Education) said that the school boycott last week succeeded. It saw a mass participation in the region. The highest participation was in Hakkari where 95 percent of the students joined the boycott and did not go to school. The second city in terms of participation was Diyarbakır where 70 percent of the students joined the initiative.

TZP Kurdi spokesperson Xecê Şen said in a press conference that “Kurds one more time have made themselves clear about their demand for education in Kurdish. We have been working on this field for six years and we believe this boycott was very successful. This despite the repression suffered by students and their families. Our struggle will continue through mass workshops and petitions.”