Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leyla Zana: Kurds should be one-voiced towards outside

22 September 2010

Former MP Leyla Zana said Kurds should be one-voiced.

Visiting the head of Federal Kurdistan Parliament Kemal Kerkuki the Kurdish women discussed a national Kurdish conference and the unilateral ceasefire declared by the Kurdistan Democratic Confederation. During the visit former MP from DEP Leyla Zana said the Kurds should be one voice in the conference. “Kurds should be able to be multi-voiced among themselves but one-voice towards outside. The national conference should gather soon otherwise it may be too late.” added Zana.

Leyla Zana also urged the Kurdistan Regional Government play a greater role in terms of solving the problems of the Kurds which they face in the countries where they live. She also said that a permanent peace will not be possible unless the problems of all Kurds in different countries are solved.

The delegation of women also visited political party representatives including Goran Movement, Komala, Communist Party and Socialist Party at the Kurdistan Federal Parliament building. Speaking in the meeting Leyla Zana said the Kurdish people have already abolished the borders in their minds. “Political borders mean nothing to us. We, as the Kurdish nation, have already abolished borders which they wanted to set in our minds.” added Zana.

Reminding the second Kurdish Women Conference will b held in Hewler Zana said: “I am asking our brothers to assist the women for permanent peace and a national unity.”

Zana further stated that if the Kurds receive their rights in the countries where they live it will also support the countries themselves. For instance Turkey will be a better country, Iran will be more improved.”