Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Boycott escalates in Kurdistan

At the second day of the school boycott campaign launched by the TZP Kurdi, Kurdish Linguistic Rights Movement, more students joined the campaign and boycotted schools in Hakkari, Şırnak, Van, Muş, Ağrı and Iğdır.


While the students did not go to schools the teachers had to walk in the school yards to spend the working day. It is reported that some of the students also gathered around school and demanded education in mother language.


In Bostanici district of Van pro-Kurdish BDP read out a press release supporting the school campaign. After the reading the crowd marched in the town, under high security precautions from the police.


Boycott campaign received the greatest support from Hakkari. It is reported that 150 school across the city remained empty and only police and soldier children went to schools. The boycott rate reported to have reached 95 % in the town.

Meanwhile the boarding school in Gecitli village where 9 civilians lost their lives as result of a suspicious road-side attack reported to be completely empty.


It is reported that in Cukurca where there are one high school and 4 primary schools, none of the 150 students in the town went to school today. Police are waiting in front of the schools.


It is reported that while a great majority of the classes remained empty in the town only police and soldier children went to school. Even the village guards joined campaign and did not send their children to the school however they faced threats from state officials.


While 95 % of the students in Yuksek ova boycotted the school some students also held a demonstration in front of the school demanding education in mother language. Police are reported to be waiting in front of the schools where their children are receiving education.


It is reported that only the children of police and soldiers went to school in Dogubayazit and the shopkeepers also supported the campaign by not opening their shops.


While a great majority of the villages in Mus joined the campaign there were reported to have been threatened by the soldiers to send their children to the school.


In Sirnak where 90 % of the schools were empty yesterday students did not go to school today. It is reported that the security directorate applied to schools to get attendance lists.