Monday, September 20, 2010

Balance sheet of the Unilateral ceasefire: 28 military operation

Monday, September 20 2010

Kurdish Info - Turkish state has responded the unilateral ceasefire declared by KCK on 13 August with intensive military and police operations. Between 13 August and 20 September at least 9 civilians and 19 guerrillas have lost their lives. 554 persons were detained and 28 land operations as well as 26 mortar shell attacks took place. In addition, forest fires were started in 10 different regions.
On 13 August on the occasion of holy Ramadan and the upcoming constitution referendum Kurdistan Democratic Confederation declared a ceasefire. Despite the unilateral ceasefire while the Turkish state continued its military operations against the Kurdish guerrillas and hundreds of Kurds were detained and put into custody, the government also continued its rigid and nationalistic rhetoric. On the other hand, ambushes were laid on both Kurdish civilians and the guerrillas who were at defence position. Kurdish politicians were attacked in order to start provocations.

In the military operation against the Kurdish guerrillas which took part during this period 19 guerrillas lost their lives. On 16 September, a roadside bomb targeted a van carrying Kurdish villagers in Peyanis village of Hakkari and left 9 villagers dead 4 others injured. The government and pro-state media, with a guilty conscience, tried to immediately cover up the incident rather than enlightening it.

Hunting the Kurds

Turkish state, government, paramilitary-powers and the media all hand in had tried to discredit and provoke the unilateral ceasefire which led heavy balance sheet for the Kurds. While the unilateral ceasefire was aiming at peace the Turkish state "hunted" the Kurds in this period.

According to news agency records from 13 August to 20 September at least 9 civilians and 19 guerrillas lost their lives, 554 persons were detained and 28 land operations as well as 26 mortar shell attacks took place. 10 forest fires were also started across the Kurdish region. The actual numbers estimated to be much higher.

Since 13 September, following the constitution referendum, 49 persons were detained in Diyarbakır, Şırnak, Urfa, Batman, Siirt, Hakkari and Muş.

On the day of referendum in İstanbul 94, in Mersin 20, in Antalya 4, in Çorlu 6 and in Bursa 10 in total 124 pro-boycott Kurds were detained. In Kurdistan the number of detentions reached up 164, in Van 77, in Batman 47, in Nusaybin 17, in Yükekova 15, in Silopi 5 and in Cizre 3.

Before the referendum between 13 August and 12 September 217 persons were detained 142 of which detained within the last two days before the referendum.

Between 13 August- 20 September at least 28 military operations conducted against the Kurdish guerrillas as a result of which 19 guerrillas lost their lives. Within this period also 26 shell attacks took place which caused forest fires in ten different regions both in Northern and Southern Kurdistan. Turkish shell attacks on Herguş, Mawata and Mamreşo villages in Zagros region left two villagers injured.

The number of the forest fires started by the Turkish army since July reached up 83. According to the ANF records in August 40 and in July 33 forest fires started by the Turkish army.