Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kurdish leader says two protocols could reach parliament after elections

29 September 2010

Two protocols will deal with security and democratic rights

Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan said in his meeting with lawyers that as a result of the ongoing meetings with government officials he can foresee the adoption of two protocols between Kurds and the government. According to Öcalan the first protocol will deal with the security dimension and the other with democratic rights. The two protocols could be "submitted to Parliament after next year’s elections and two parliamentary commissions could be set up. One - added Öcalan - could be a preparatory commission for a new constitution and the other one a fact-finding commission for looking into extra-judicial killings and all other human rights violations.”

Öcalan also suggested that BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) ask for a meeting with the opposition CHP (Republican People’s Party). “There is a need to meet with the CHP. - said Öcalan - Turkey and its state do not consist only of the Justice and Development Party, or AKP. It’s true that the AKP has been well established within the state, but the entire state cannot be seen as pro-AKP. The meetings held here are done on behalf of the state. There is no need to fear, it’s a state project.”