Friday, September 24, 2010

Karayilan: Turkish press is violating 'press ethics and principals'

The head of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Confederation (KCK) Murat Karayilan said the interview he gave to the Israeli Channel 2 is manipulated by the Turkish media who is trying to sabotage the process.  Karayilan further stated that the Turkish press is violating ‘press ethics and principals’ and the reports on the disagreement between them and one of the HPG commanders Bahoz Erdal do not reflect the truth.

‘Mutual enemy’ is a speculation of the Turkish media

Speaking to ANF Murat Karayilan said it is an important phase for the solution of the Kurdish problem however the process is being speculated by the Turkish media who is conducting a manipulation by disseminating fake news.  

Karayilan said: “Turkish media is causing manipulation rather than providing the public with the truths which will help the public opinion to understand the ongoing process. In my interview with the Israeli Channel 2, I said that Arab-Israeli peace as well as the Kurdish-Turkish, Kurdish-Arab and Kurdish-Persian peace will start a new era in the region which will be in favour of all the people living in the Middle East, including Israel. Therefore, everyone should contribute this process. I also said that the way Israeli government is acting against this process and it is supporting the conflict by providing Turkey with military technology which it should not be doing. I further stated that Israeli people who have suffered a lot in the past should understand the Kurdish people and react against the Turkish- Israeli military cooperation which triggers the conflict.  I did not pronounce the phrase ‘mutual enemy’ against any state like the Turkish media alleges. Moreover, such a statement does not exist in the interview broadcasted by the Israeli journalist Mr. Itali Anghel. He was impartial and honest at his work whereas the Turkish media has produced unreal news in order to slander the PKK. ”

The incident in Hakkari was also manipulated by the Turkish media

Karayilan also stated that the incident in which civilians have lost their lives was also speculated by the Turkish press. “Since the very beginning they wanted to lay the responsibility of the attack on our movement. Their allegations are all based on untrue, fake reports. Sabah daily at the top of the list all the pro-AKP government newspapers targeted our movement. They have always been doing so and the Hakkari attack is the most recent one. The Turkish media published some phone call transcripts allegedly made between KCK and BDP. It was not real and even the security officials in Hakkari denied and contradicted existence of such records.”

The attack in Hakkari is the work of counter-guerrilla organisations like JITEM

Regarding the attack on 16 September in which 9 civilians were killed Karayilan said: “It is obvious that the attack was realised by some counter-guerrilla organisations like Gendarmerie Intelligence Service (JITEM). No matter which unit conducted it, it is a clear provocation. It is an attack targeting people of Hakkari and our movement. It aims at provoking the peace process. The press also claimed that the attack was conducted by some groups within the PKK who are not following the central orders but acting on their own. This is not true.”

No dispute between us and our comrade Bahoz Erdal

Regarding the reports published by the Turkish press in which it was claimed that the attack in Hakari was realized by some groups following the orders from Bahoz Erdal, Karayilan said: “The reports suggesting a dispute between me and our comrade Bahoz Erdal are baseless. Such a conflict is not possible not only between me and him but among any other comrades. We are a movement which has clamped together around our leadership. Individual disputes are out of question in such a movement. These fake allegations are aiming at ruining our reputation in the eyes of our people. The PKK is a movement of chucker-out, it is a unified body struggling for one aim. And today we are clamped together more than ever. These rumours are psychological war techniques which can never harm our party spirit.”

AA should unveil the evidence

Concerning the reports published by the state-owned Anatolian News Agency (AA) in which the PKK was held responsible for the attack in Hakkari, Karayilan said these allegations are completely baseless and AA should share the evidence with public on which it based the fake reports. He also added that two military bags belonging the Turkish army were found close to the scene are giving clues about the perpetrators however, the Turkish media launched as if the bags were placed there by the Kurdish guerrillas. “We are condemning such one-sided and fake journalism” added Karayilan.  

Everybody should be constructive

Karayilan also said that producing such fake reports will not bring any benefit to anyone and it is important to stand against such an approach. He added: “Everybody should be constructive. And if they really want to solve the problem then they should give up producing such news.”

School boycott for mother tongue can not be ignored

Concerning the school boycott campaign for mother tongue education Karayilan said although the campaign receives a great support from the people the officials and the Turkish media are ignoring it. “This is a double stand. Turkish media once again acts in order to protect the colonial benefits. They are filming the classes where the children of police officers and soldiers are studying and launching as if the campaign is not supported. However, it is the press’ duty to inform the public accurately.” added Karayilan.