Thursday, September 30, 2010

National unity call by artists in South Kurdistan

30 September 2010

Weekly newspaper Çetir organised one week of events in Sulaimaniya

Attending the solidarity and national unity activity of weekly newspaper Çetir in South Kurdistan, Kurdish artists made a national unity call and remarked that Kurdish people must relieve themselves of the balkanisation to protect and improve the achievements of Kurdish people.

Weekly newspaper Çetir (Roof) organized an activity in Suleimania to provide solidarity and call attention to the national unity of Kurdish people. Beside over thousand participators, the activity was supported by artists Necmettin Xulami from North Kurdistan, Dılşad Hewleri from South Kurdistan and Hozan Diyar from North Kurdistan. Making the opening speech of the activity, Çetir Journal Grant Holder Kemal Hesen Hemê Rıza stated that only a national unity can respond to the attacks on Kurdish people through world. Remarking that the journal follows a broadcasting policy on the base of national unity, Hemê Rıza spoke as follows; “As Kurdish media, we will serve for the national unity. I am greeting the Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan for the democratic solution of the Kurdish problem. The works performed by Kurdish women in respect of national unity are crucial and we wish them success.”


Taking the first stage in the activity, artist Dılşad Hewleri remarked the importance of the activity of Çetir Journal with national artists,calling Kurdish artists to be more sensitive and to take active charge for national unity. The mass applauded for minutes when Hewleri sang songs written dedicatory to PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) guerillas. While Necmeddin Xulami and Diyar Dersimi enthused the participators with songs one more beautiful than the other after Hewleri, their common call was for the national unity. Artist Diyar Dersimi pointed out that Kurdish people have not secured the national uniformity yet, although all dominant powers united to disintegrate them; adding; “We are going through a process which has significant progressions from the point of Kurdish people. We must firstly get over the existing division, so that the achievements, which were paid for, can bring success.” The concert series of Çetir Journal, which were directed to national unity, took place in Kirkuk and Hewler.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil