Monday, September 20, 2010

Entire Kurdistan boycotts Turkish education system

Kurdish students boycott, despite the threats from Turkish officials, supported the school boycott campaign launched by the Kurdish Language Movement (TZP). While most the classes in Diyarbakır, Urfa, Hakkari, Van, Ağrı, Muş, Iğdır, Bitlis and Kars remained empty in some school teachers also joined the students.

AMED (Diyarbakir)

Diyarbakir where the referendum boycott rate reached up to 70 % student boycott campaign received a great support. Kurdish students for mother tongue education boycotted the schools and classes remained empty.

It is reported that despite the threats from Prime Minister, Minister of National Education and Diyarbakir Governor Office who was claiming that “School boycott is a constitutional crime” more than half of the classes in Diyarbakir are empty. Some of the students gathered in from of the schools and refused to go in the classes. Plain cloth policemen are also waiting around the schools.


While TZP Urfa organised a press conferences in different towns it is reported that the boycott rate in Viransehir reached 80 %. The head of security directorate also visited the school and received information from the principals. Pro-Kurdish BDP also supported the boycott by marching.


It is reported that all of the schools in Hakkari are empty and however the teachers are waiting in the classes. The head of the national education directorate Ömer Bulut is expected to organise a press conference.


It is reported that in Cukurca district of Hakkari the boycott received a great support and in fours schools there are only 20 students. The security forces are taking extreme measures around the schools.

In Yuksekova district not even one single student went to school. While the teachers also joined the students the school principals did not let the journalist take pictures or film the schools.


It is reported that while the great majority of the students in Van boycotted the schools the police taking extreme measures around the schools.

TZP organised a press conference in which Teachers Trade Union as well as Kurdish Language Association KURDI-DER took part.

A group also marched from BDP building by chanting slogans in favour of boycott. The crowd also took the state responsible for the attack in Peyanis village of Hakkari.


It is reported that students in Bitlis also supported the boycott and more than half of the classes remained empty. The Confederation of Public Workers Union also supported the boycott and asked for constitutional safeguards for the Kurdish language.


It is reported that in Mus city centre as well as in Varto, Bulanık and Malazgirt districts majority of the students boycotted the school and the classes remained empty.


In Agri city centre as well as Doğubayazıt, Diyadin, Patnos and Tutak district boycott received great support from students. It is report that the greatest support for the boycott came from Dogubayazit where 95 % of the students did not go to school.

The school boycott was also followed in Igdir and Tekman, Kağızman and Karaçoban districts of Erzurum.