Monday, September 20, 2010

KCK extends ceasefire - UPDATED

KCK extends the unilateral ceasefire

Presidency of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Confederation (KCK) reported that the unilateral ceasefire declared on 13 August is extended until a further statement next week.

KCK issued a statement on the last day of the ceasefire declared on 13 August. In the statement, KCK also stated that with regard to the attack in Peyanis village of Hakkari the Turkish state is trying to lay the blame on the Kurdish guerrillas. It is mentioned that KCK will issue a press release next week in which the recent incidents and developments will be evaluated. It is also reported that until than the current ceasefire is extended.

The statement from KCK follows “We have already declared that our forces bear no relation with the attack in Penayis district in Hakkari in which our civilian people have been ruthlessly killed. Turkish state and the special war organs are deliberately making allegations and lay the blame on us in order to deceive the public opinion. The Turkish state and the press are blaming our movement for this massacre against our patriotic people by saying ‘There are some groups within the PKK’ and pronouncing the names of some guerrilla commanders. We call on our people, democrats and the public opinion to be aware of these speculative and fake allegations.

Today is the last of the ceasefire which we declared on 13 August. In this period there have been operations against us and the tension has always remained high. Despite all, it still has its meaning. In this regard we will be issuing a press release next week in which the recent incidents and developments will be evaluated. Until then the current ceasefire will remain valid.”

Meanwhile, KCK also called on the Kurdish people to support school boycott campaign for the right to mother tongue education and not send their children to the school. The statement continued: “The right to mother tongue education is one of the fundamental human rights. It is a natural right for the Kurdish children to receive education in their own mother tongue. In this regard it is a duty of humanity and patriotism to take part in this 5-day school boycott. We call on our people to support this meaningful campaign.”