Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Suspicious death of a Kurdish prisoner in Syria

22 September 2010

A Kurdish political prisoner died in Allepo prison of unknown causes.

A Kurdish political prisoner accused of having ties with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) died in Syrian prison last days of August. Human rights organizations are suspicious that he is tortured to death.

According to the reports of KurdWatch, which keeps the record of human rights abuse in Syria, political prisoner Ehmed Xelil, born in the year 1968, died in Allepo prison. KurdWatch declared that the event was lived on 28 August, which was reflected to media for the first time.

Xelil was detained and arrested with his son Demhat on 4 July 2010 by reason of  his other son Ehmed’s participation in PKK. While Ehmed is also reported to be in prison now, Demhat was released after Xelil’s death.