Monday, September 27, 2010

Minister Atalay held talks in Erbil

27 September 2010

One-day visit focused on Kurdish issue

Returning to Ankara after completing his visit to Federate Kurdistan Region, Interior Minister Beşir Atalay spoke as follows; “Nowadays, we are making intense researches about the issue of war. As Turkey, we are having multidimensional talks and studies on the terror subject. This visit was a dimension of those studies.”

Atalay answered journalists’ questions in Ankara Esenboğa Airport concerning the visit and stated that he made a one-day visit and held important conversations in Erbil.

Remarking that he held conversations about PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) on his visit, Atalay stated that the currently performed action plan is the one that was started previously.

To the question “Will Barzani support your plan?”, Atalay gave the following answer; “We already have performing studies. There are a threesome mechanism and an action plan. There are things to do for everyone. We one more looked through and evaluated these points and met the directors there with Barzani.”

Translation: Berna Ozgencil