Monday, September 27, 2010

IHD calls on Turkey to sign UN Convention on disappeared

27 September 2010

IHD urges Turkish state to sign the UN Convention Against Forced Disappearances

Human Rights Association in Turkey (IHD) realized its 85th weekly sit-down-strike for the victims of forced disappearances with the participation of the families and NGO representatives in Kosuyolu Park in Diyarbakir.

Speaking at the protest IHD chair Öztürk Türkdoğan said the state should open its archives and unveil the fate of the disappeared. He also said that even the grave of the victims are unknown which makes the families suffer more.

“The PM is always talking about the Argentinean mothers but he is ignoring the mothers just beside. He is hearing the Argentinean mothers but not the Kurdish mothers.” added the IHD president. Türkdoğan further urged the government to sing the UN Convention Against Forced Disappearances.

Speaking at the protest Secretary of the IHD Diyarbakir Branch Raci Bilici reminded the statements Arif Doğan, the founder of Gendarmerie Intelligence Service (JITEM) and said the: “the sound recording of Arif Doğan contains a confession. Another general Atilla Kiyat has also made similar statements indicating that extrajudicial killings and forces disappearances have all took place within the knowledge of the state officials. These statements are the proof of the allegations made by the human rights defenders.”

He also said that: “PM Erdogan and other government officials are talking about lack of evidence. Are there any other evident clearer than these statements? This attitude of the government shows the unwillingness of them. Otherwise, it would not be a problem for the state officials to find out the perpetrator within 24 hours.”

The protest of this week was also dedicated 3 victims from the same family: Tahsin Çiçek, Ali İhsan Çiçek and Çayan Çiçek. The son of one of the victims Serhat Cicek told the story of his father.

He said his father and his uncle were detained together with 6 other villagers by Bolu Commando Brigades who raided the villages on 10 May 1994. The family have not heard from the victims since than and all their attempts to find out their fate have failed due to negligence of the state officials.

Serhat Cicek further stated that 27 after his father and uncle were detained, his mentally retarded brother was arrested while working on their land by the soldiers who tied him from his neck and dragged behind a military vehicle for 10 km. The family have not heard from the brother either.