Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tugluk says meeting with Ocalan important

28 September 2010

Co-chair of DTK met Kurdish leader Ocalan

Co-chair of Democratic Society Congress Aysel Tugluk who went to Imrali Island where the PKK leader Ocalan is kept said: "We had an important meeting with Mr. Ocalan. He said he will continue his attitude based on peaceful and democratic solution of the Kurdish problem. He also said he is decisive and believe in the solution."

Aysel Tugluk together with the lawyers of the imprisoned Kurdish leader Lawyers Doğan Erbaş and Aydın Oruç visited Ocalan yesterday morning. Tugluk spoke to the journalist upon her return from the Island. She said: "The meeting with Mr. Ocalan was very important. He will continue his approach towards a peaceful and democratic solution. He also said that his attitude is not tactical but strategic and everybody should be aware of this fact. He further stated that Turkey is going through a critic period and the state official!s willingness is important to be able to keep this non-action/ceasefire position. Meanwhile the government, political parties, NGO's as well as the intellectuals should play their their role."

Upon a question from a journalist who asked: "You have been to he island before. What is the difference between this time and the previous times? Can you said that peace is closer than before?" Tugluk said "We are closer to the peace more than ever" Tugluk did not respond any further questions about Ocalan's views on ceasefire.