Monday, September 27, 2010

Indispensable cooperation needed: message from victims of Mehabad bombing.

Soran Khedri: For the last 200 years Kurdish people have been struggling to gain their legitimate rights. The Kurdish struggle moved forward after the collapse of Ottoman Empire and emergence of new “nation states” in the region, which the Kurds were deprived from having their own state under the terms of Lausanne treaty in 1923.

Ever since Kurds commenced their political struggle, they have avoided all kinds of violence against the civilians, suicide bombing and car explosion in venues.

Tracing back Kurdish political history to its outset, it will be noticed that the Kurds have always attempted to adopted peaceful method in their legitimate struggle. However, because of the regimes violence policies against the Kurds, formation of armed groups was and still indispensably necessary in order for the Kurds to protect themselves and prevent regimes from committing atrocities against the Kurdish civilians as the Islamic regime since its foundation and Saddam Hussein did during his ruling era.

Kurdish political parties merely used force in self defence, which is justified by virtue of article 51 of United Nations Charter, whereas the Kurdish oppressors committed atrocities against the Kurds and violated all International Human Rights conventions.

But unfortunately because of some super powers national interest and regimes mainstream media propagandas against the Kurdish legitimate struggle, Kurdish political parties were blamed for the crimes committed by the oppressors against the innocent Kurdish civilians in Kurdistan.

Purpose behind the bombing:

The Islamic regime since its emergence in 1979 has utilized different policies to manipulate the Iranian citizen’s opinion with regard to the Kurdish struggle, aimed to discredit the Kurdish political movement. For instance, the Islamic regime spread propagandas that the Kurds beheading non Kurdish civilians and they are trying to divide Iran. As a result of regimes effective propagandas, majority of the Iranian people avoided having any close contact with the Kurds, which served regimes propaganda purposes.

In addition to that, last year several Sofi Msulim clerics were assassinated by the Iranian revolutionary guards in Sena city with the purpose to incite hatred and violence among the Kurdish Sofi Muslims and Wehabi Muslims, which few days later Iranian interior minister claimed that their forces were involved in an armed clashes, which resulted to the death of Wehabis whom were identified by the regime as assassinators. However, Islamic regime has not yet published the dead person’s identity to the Kurds and the Iranian people.

Wednesdays bombing, however, was designed and engineered by the regimes forces for two purposes. First, Iranian regime aimed to spread fears among the people of Eastern Kurdistan and diverse the attention of regimes opponent in central and other parts of Iran towards Kurdish region by saying that it is an act of foreigners, particularly USA and its allies. Iranian officials through their English channel which is based in London (Press Tv) accused “anti-revolutionaries” by that official indirectly were referring to the Kurdish political parties. In addition to that, Human Rights, political activists and Kurdish politicians assuming that the Iranian authorities planning to follow up further arbitrary arrests and executions in the Kurdish region on alleged bombing charges.

Secondly: Wednesday’s explosion at military parade in Mehabad city is directly connected to the roadside bombing in Northern Kurdistan which resulted to the death of 9 villagers in Jolemerg.

Wednesday plot was a clear message to the Turkish army and government that the Iranian government still faithful ally to Turkish government on its war against the Kurds.

Since the foundation of Ottoman and Savavian Emperors, Iranian and Turks constantly fought each other for centuries. However, they had common interest too: oppression and suppression of Kurds was the key common point among the Turks and Iranians. Several security treaties have been ratified and signed between two states against the Kurdish people, and Turkey continuously provided Iran with advance technology and intelligent information.

Tories cooperation with Islamic regime against terrorists:

Although several weeks ago US foreign office listed Iranian government as the key sponsor of International terrorists, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Israel, unfortunately British Minister for the Middle East Alistair Burt contradicted British and Western statements with the regard to Islamic regime global terrorist sponsorship by stating that “This horrific bombing underlines the need to stand together against terrorism wherever it rears its head”

Doubtlessly all democratic movements and nations have to stand together against terrorist attacks and activities, but to what extent it is reasonable to ask state terrorist sponsorship such as Islamic regime of Iran to cooperate in war against terrorist.

Coalition forces constantly blamed Iranian authorities for their involvement in terrorist attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan and they have claimed that they possess documents and evidence to support their claims.

It is important to analyze Tories statements carefully, because such statements will pave the way for the theocratic regime to implement its plots and commits further atrocities against the Kurds on the grounds of operations against terrorists.

Western Medias: who they serve?

Western Media immediately suggested in their reports that the Kurdish political movements might have carried out the bombing, and they referred to Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) as an active opposition which occasionally involves in clashes with the regimes forces.

Such reports psychologically manipulate public opinions and backs regimes false statements, which stated that “anti-revolutionaries” carried out the bombing. Kurds are well known for being “anti-revolutionaries” among the Iranian nations ever since the Islamic regime was founded by the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Therefore, it could be stated that the Western Media are functioning within the circle, which serves the Islamic regimes plot purpose and terrorist activities. On regular bases Western Media assumed and stated that the Iranian officials are behind most of the terrorist activities in the region. However, with regards to the Mehabads bombing Western Medias approaching the horrific incident very carefully and does not want to provoke theocratic regime.

In addition to that, in reports published by the Western Medias it could be said that the Medias are representing regimes ideology by stating that the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) is an offshoot of Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK). Iranian regime used all its diplomatic influence throughout the world to limit PJAKs activities, but failed. Therefore, claimed that PJAK is an offshoot of PKK and Israel is supporting PJAK in order to exploit Turkey in its diplomatic war against PJAK.

Division among Kurdish political parties:

The division among the Kurdish political parties facilitates regimes horrific plots implementation in Eastern Kurdistan. Unfortunately, Kurdish political parties also functioning within a frame, which serves regimes interest and policies.

Political parties do not accept each other, politicians are power thirsty and they are focusing on each other rather than on their common enemy, which is the Islamic regime of Iran.

It is important for all Kurdish sides to review their policies and form Kurdish national congress as soon as possible, because without re-uniting their forces and powers, Iranian regime will carries further similar plots in Eastern Kurdistan.

By now Kurdish politicians should have come to a conclusion that indispensable cooperation is needed among the Kurdish political parties in order to be able to dismantle regimes evil plots.