Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lambda Istanbul joins boycott campaign

07 September 2010

Lgbtt association joins boycott campaign

Lambda Istanbul, A Turkish lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender organization, says they won't vote in the constitutional referendum on 12 September.

"These constitutional amendments has nothing to do with abolish discrimination against different languages, religions, ethnicities or sexes" Lambda Istanbul statement said.

Lambda Istanbul said the rights of the homosexuals are totally ignored in the constitution and the organization stated that they won't support any political parties in the referendum.

The organization labelled the Turkish Constitution "sexist" and the amendments ignored people's demands and modern values.

Lambda called all democratic parties to show effort for a civil and democratic constitution.

Lambda Istanbul is a Turkish LGBT organization. It was founded in 1993 as a cultural space for the LGBT community, and became an official organization in 1996. Clandestine Pride events were held in Turkey starting in 1993, and with Lambda Istanbul participation, they became public marches.

The organization was ordered dissolved in May 2008 following a court decision. The prosecutors claimed that Lambda Istanbul's objectives were "against the law and morality". The order has been criticized by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

The Supreme Court of Appeals overturned this order on November 25, 2008, and on April 30, 2009, a lower court granted Lambda Istanbul permission to continue operating.