Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Junta practices in Turkish prisons

07 September 2010

TUHAD Faysal Karataş says practices in Edirne F type prison remind of the practices in Diyarbakir Prison in 1980

While the Turkish PM claims that he and his government is settling account with the military coup of 12 September 1980, junta practices in the prisons still continue. It is reported that in Edirne Prison if the letters written to the prisons in Turkish contains even one single Kurdish letter the prisoners are not given the letters. Meanwhile, the political prisoners are under pressure to change their wards and the prisoners in need of medical treatment are deprived of medical care.

The Political Prisoners Solidarity Organisation TUHAD stated that Kurdish is still banned for the prisoners and the prison doctors are prescribing only pain killers for any illness suffered by the prisoners. The prisoners are also forced to move other wards by the prison administration.

Vice chair of the Istanbul branch of TUHAD Faysal Karataş stated that the practices in Edirne F type prison remind them the practices in Diyarbakir Prison in 1980. “The prison administration used to not to give Kurdish daily Azadiya Welat but now they ban the letters if they contain one single Kurdish letter. New inmates are placed in the wards where the non-political ones are staying. They also pressurise the prisoners in the wards for political prisoners to leave so that they can meet their families easier. The guards destroy the belongings of the prisoners during ward searches and the searches which used to be every 15 days are now once in a week.” stated Karataş.

Karataş also added that the patient prisoners are not transferred to hospital due to shortage of vehicle and the doctors give only painkillers. He further stated that political prisoners in Tekirdag F type prison are also subjected to very similar treatments.