Friday, September 3, 2010

Kurds vowed to boycott constitutional referendum in Turkey

Friday, 03 September 2010

NORTHERN KURDISTAN--The president of Democratic Society Congress Ahmet Turk said they will stick to boycott campaign against the constitutional referendum on 12 September.
Speaking to Milliyet daily newspaper Turk said that it's too late for the Kurdish side to recall boycott campaign against the referendum.
Turk said that Kurds waited for confidence-building steps from ruling AKP for a long time and added "Now it's too late".
"No Kurdish politicians were released from prison, no lowering the 10 percent election threshold, no amendments on Anti-Terror law... We tell about this to prime minister and he says that this is a matter of justice system" he said.
Turk reminded the case against Turkish generals for an alleged coup attempt where court issued arrest warrant for 101 officers and this decision was taken back about one week later.
Turk also said Prime Minister Erdogan cannot make a statement that will satisfy Kurdish demands during his visit in Diyarbakir or anywhere else.
The political, social nature of the current Turkish government is driven from the nature and notion of the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, it is presumed according to the facts on the grounds that the Turkish government is lacking concrete and effective strategy towards the Kurdish issue.
Approaching Kurdish issue on individualist grounds is wrong and will not solve the issue. Kurdish issue strongly concerns national identity.