Friday, September 3, 2010

31 years ago as a result of Khomeini’s Jihad against Kurds, 105 Kurdish men shot died in Naqada city:

Thursday, 02 September 2010

NAQADA, Eastern Kurdistan -- 31 years ago Khomeini with his Islamic ideology declared Jihad “Holy War” against Kurds. Soon after the success of the Iranian nations revolution against the tyranny rule of Shah, Islamic fanatics and clerics took an advantage of the social and political structure of the Iranian nations and the influence of the religion on them. Because majority of the Iranian people are followers of the Shia branch of Islam, clerics took an advantage and exploited the Iranian nations for their Islamic ideological purpose.
When the Islamic regime faced difficulties in Eastern Kurdistan and its Islamic policies were flatly rejected by the Kurdish people, Khomeini as the founder and political and ideological leader of the new regime announced Jihad against the Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan on 18 August 1979.
31 years ago in 2nd September, 49 civil people, from Qarne village in Naqada city, were assaulted by the Iranian revolutionary guards and shot to death. After that, several more genocide took place, by the Iranian barbaric regime, in villages such as Qalatan, Sewzy, Enderqash, DylanCherkh, Helbi, Kwekan, Keryzey Shkakan, Cheqal Mstafa, Khelife Lyan, Gorkhane, Sowkend, Qaragowl, Dema Sowr, Jafar Aabad, Marjan Aabad, Bayzawe, Gondewella, Dow aw, Korekhaney Saro Qamish, Helleqosh, Geja and Sofyan.
As a result of Holy war against the Kurds 242 Kurdish men and women were shot died, 105 of them were from villages around Naqada and 72 of these victims were from Mahabad and the others were from other cities in Eastern Kurdistan such as Shno, Urmia, Bokan, Pawa and Piranshar.
However, it is important to notice that some of the regimes officials who were directly participated in mass killings of the Kurds currently living in US and European State, which enjoy wide range of freedom “Liberty” and protected by EU and US governments and their what so known as democratic constitution.