Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kurds are the only opposition in Turkey

A prominent Turkish political analyst says Kurds are the only opposition group in Turkey.

Haluk Gerger said the results of the Kurdish boycott campaign against the constitutional referendum in Turkey, shows the Turkish government can no longer ignore Kurdish demands for democratic autonomy.

"The results of the referendum tells us that Kurds are the only real opposition group in Turkey" he said.

Gerger underlined the importance of the support of socialist movements to the Kurdish opposition. "If socialist opposition can join the Kurdish movement, this countrys fate will change in a positive way" he commented.

Speaking about the referendum results in Kurdistan, Gerger said that Kurds protected their stance and put their autonomy demands forward by participating in the boycott campaign.

"Republic of Turkey can no more ignore the fact that the relation between the state and Kurds must be defined under a social contract" Gerger added.

"This is the first step of democratization. The level of democracy will become definite according to the positions against or for this social contract" he said.

He called the democratic opposition to immediately start to work for a new constitution.

Gerger labelled the boycott campaign a true success but he underlined the fact that Kurds and socialist now have to fully participate to the work for a new constitution.