Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Kurd killed in detention in Iran

14 September 2010

Torture still killing in Iran

A Kurd from South Kurdistan was killed as a result of torture by Iranian security forces during his detention in Iran, yesterday.

Rewend Mihemed Ismael was detained in Kanibiyezerd, a district of Sardast province, by Iranian police about one week ago.

Opposition website reported he was taken to a hospital yesterday but lost his life soon after.

Eyewitnesses say he died as a result of torture.

There were no official statement from the Iranian authorities.

Ismael, from Qaladiza, South Kurdistan, is the second Kurd killed under detention in a week. Last week Xulamriza Bayat from Kamyaran was beaten to death by Iranian police.

According to ANF's records at least 10 Kurds were killed by torture in East Kurdistan since January 2010.