Monday, September 6, 2010

KONGRA-GEL warns Turkish government

06 September 2010

KONGRA-GEL had its 4th assembly

People’s Congress of Kurdistan (Kongra-Gel) hold its 4th interim period assembly in which the representative of organisations and parties from all parts of Kurdistan took part. Kongre-Gel warned the Turkish government to give up its pragmatist policies and act responsibly. It is emphasised that Turkish army is preparing a cross border operation after the referendum and the Kurdish forces should prepare themselves for such a Turkish aggression.

The outcomes of the congress which took place between 21-25 August 2010 were unveiled in a press release. It is stated that the unilateral ceasefire declared 13 August, democratic autonomy as well recent political developments were on the top of the agenda of the congress.

The congress emphasised that the AKP government which in power since 2002 is performing a fake democracy and peace programmes. The Congress also blamed the AKP government for wasting all the solution opportunities provided by the Kurdish leader Ocalan and the Kurdish independence movement for the sake of its party benefits and power, rather than trying to develop a genuine and responsible approach to the Kurdish problem.

It is also stated that the AKP government is trying every way to destroy the Kurdish national movement and create coalitions with neighbouring countries such as Iran, Iraq and Syria as well as the international powers in order to be able to suppress the Kurdish liberation movement.

Kongra- Gel also stated that the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan has been working for building the peace for 18 years however all his attempts were ignored by the Turkish government. Kongre- Gel also said that ending the ceasefire on 1 June was a necessary and right step as the Turkish government was responding the ceasefire with more military operations in the mountains and political operations within the country.

Kongra-Gel also defined the current ceasefire a great opportunity for the AKP government not to miss and urged the Turkish stated to end its military operations. Kurdish guerrillas are in an active self-defence position and they will response and attack against them, added Kongra-Gel.

Kongra-Gel also reiterated its call on different Kurdish parties to get unified and realize the Kurdish national unity which will empower the Kurdish people in their struggle for their rights.