Friday, September 17, 2010

Hunger strikers TO DEATH

September 17, 2010 by sks

We hereby announce the world’s press that 30 people has started on unlimited hunger strike to protect our own and our families’ lives for the imprisonment, torture, repression, and especially death.
We went into action from Tuesday 14th September 2010, at. 12.00 at Christiansborg Castle Square in Copenhagen. Please read on for more information.
We have fled from one of the worst dictatorial regimes in the world and have sought asylum in one of the leading democratic countries, Denmark.
As a result of refusals in our asylum applications, and as a last resort, we have decided to hunger strike to death to stop forced deportations to Syria.
Despite that Syria is considered by the international community as a dictator stat with a systematic violation of human rights, is still tragically however considered by the Danish state as a safe country to deport politically active people back to by force, well knowing that they will face imprisonment, torture, disappearances and even death.
The existing regime in Syria uses many tools to suppress any form of political organization and activities oby various violent actions as torture, wrongful imprisonment, and other medieval practices as several hundred reports could not even describe, are continuously being ignored worldwide.
The Kurdish minority in Syria is experiencing, besides those injustices, a systematic chauvinistic policy against the Kurds. As an example, the Kurds experienced a deprivation of their civil rights, where Kurds are classified as the “third category “, with no civil rights whatsoever.
We hunger strikes until our demands for deportation ceases, and our cases be reviewed again, or we die with honor intact.
Better to die than to disappear into the regime’s prisons with the systematic violation of our natural, human rights.
We urge all democratic forces in Denmark and the international community to support around our action and help bring our message to media and the appropriate bodies, thereby putting pressure on the Danish government to stop these deportations of Kurds to an unknown fate in Syria most likely leading to death.
The hunger strikers Syrian Kurds in Denmark