Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Discrimination causes Iran to lose its best athletes

Tuesday, 08 September 2010

IRAN-- ever since its emergence in 1979 the Islamic regime imposed discriminatory rules and laws against the Kurds in all social, political and economic fields.
As a result of unlimited discrimination against the Kurds, they are deprived from all basic human rights. This time regimes discriminatory policies were concerned a Kurdish Wrestling champion.
Saman Tahmasbi, who is a Kurdish athlete in wrestling, obtained 2 world bronze medals and 1 gold medal of Asia, left Iran. Mr Saman left Iran because of not being employed  by the Iranian sport federation. mere ground for not being employed was because of his Kurdish identity. Iranian regime prevents Kurds from getting international reputaions in all field, because the regime views Kurdish reputaion as a threat to its interest.
Tahmasbi from Sena was the only person of 84 kilogram who could gain a place and honours for Iran. In spite of the fact that he was interviewed many times by the Iranian Islamic official channels and had spoken regarding his unemployment and economic problems, he was ignored by the authorities delibrately and systematically. Thereafter, he had to leave the country and now he is living in Azerbaijan.
He has gained the world’s bronze medals of GWANG JO and BAKOW and also the Asian gold medal of BSHKK. In addition, the World Wrestling Federation has officially confirmed him as a member of Azerbaijan’s national team.