Friday, September 10, 2010

Bayik: No positive signal from the government

A prominent Kurdish commander of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Cemil Bayik says they haven't received a positive signal from the Turkish government to extend the ceasefire.

Bayik said Turkish army is conducting military operations to destroy guerilla forces and the clashes may be even more widespread after the constitutional referendum on 12 September.

"We did everything in our part for a bilateral ceasefire. If Turkish state won't take steps for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish problem; we will have no choice but declare democratic autonomy unilaterally" he said.

If Turkish government won't take any positive steps then the PKK will ignore NGO's calls for ceasefire, Bayik added.

"They will have to join us to bring Turkey to the negotiation table" he said.

Bayik also called international community to intensify political pressure on AKP government to take positive steps.

He also noted some countries give support to Turkish denial-politics and are responsible for the ongoing conflict in Kurdistan.

Bayik also said the Kurdish side will directly effect the result of the constitutional referendum and will stick to the boycott campaign.

"AKP side will possibly try to manipulate the results and force some Kurds to vote by bribe" Bayik said and added "They are using all state powers to undermine the boycott campaign. But our people won't compromise."

"Whatever the outcome of the referendum will be, the Turkish politics in Kurdistan won't change, won't even be effected" he said.

Cemil Bayik (born 1951), is one of the five founders of the PKK, who are still alive and is among the organisation's top leadership as he is a member of the 12-man leadership council of the Koma Civaken Kurdistan (KCK).