Friday, September 17, 2010

Shops closed in Lice to protest against Hakkari attack

17 September 2010

Shopkeepers did not open their shop today

The vast majority of shopkeepers in Lice didn’t open their shops today to protest against the deadly attack in Hakkari which left nine people dead.

BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Lice District Organization held a press conference in front of the BDP district building to condemn the deadly attack in Hakkari. The press statement, which was read by BDP Lice District Chairman İdris Özbahçivan, was participated also by BDP Lice District Chairman Sedat Şahinli and Lice Mayor Fikriye Aytin.

Stating their strong condemnation of the attack just before a few days to the end of KCK’s inertia decision, Özbahçivan spoke as follows;

“This is a massacre rehearsal against Kurdish people and particularly Hakkari people, who came through the boycott with success.” Recording that Kurdish people will raise their fights day by day without ever giving up fighting in the face of pressure, suppression and decimate approaches; Özbahçivan stated the condolence of BDP Lice District Organization to the relatives of the victims and to all Kurdish people as well. The statement ended with the slogan"Şehît Namirin".

Shopkeepers in Lice also closed up their shops to show their condemnation of the event. It drew attention that all shops except from the bakeries were closed up in the district.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil