Friday, September 10, 2010

Sezen Aksu: I am from Izmir, I was born in Hasankeyf

10 September 2010

Artists support Hasankeyf campaign

Being among the artists who gave signature to “Let’s keep Hasankeyf alive”campaign of Nature Association, Sezen Aksu supported the campaign by saying “I am from İzmir, I was born in Hasankeyf” on the campaign advertisements.

The campaign, which was started by Nature Association with the declaration of UNESCO as world heritage, was signed by a number of artists, who are also appealing to protection of Hasankeyf. An example is Sezen Aksu, who called attention that Hasankeyf and Dicle Valley are the common point of origin of whole humanity, by saying “I am from İzmir, I was born in Hasankeyf” on the campaign advertisements.

It was further stated that in addition to artists, 66 thousands and 810 people have supported the campaign by giving their signatures.

The statement, which was also signed by one of the most famous singers of Turkey Sezen Aksu, stated that Hasankeyf has a history of 10-thousand years and it meets 9 of the 10 criteria of UNESCO to be declared as world heritage.

Nature Association stated that the messages of other supporter artists will one by one be made public and take place in campaign advertisements in the coming weeks.

At his statement, President of Nature Association Güven Eken remarked that the campaign is growing day by day due to global natural and cultural heritage of Hasankeyf and Dicle Valley.

Concerning the campaign, Eken said the followings; “Artists are the people who foresee the future and so direct the world people. Throughout history, their feelings and reasoning about social problems have represented the conscience of general public and showed the right. By supporting the “Let’s keep Hasankeyf alive”campaign of Nature Association, a number of artists in Turkey are calling the whole country to support this campaign. We have no suspicion that millions will give ear to this call and take part in the struggle to keep Hasankeyf alive. What goes together with today’s Turkey, is to carry Hasankeyf to the future by declaring it as UNESCO world heritage, as it deserves; not to submerge into water.”

Translation: Berna Ozgencil