Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Retaliatory attacks continue against Turkish army

14 September 2010

Kurdish guerillas stepped up retaliatory attacks against Turkish army after killing of nine guerillas in Hakkari a week ago.

At least one Turkish soldier was severely wounded in an attack by the Kurdish guerillas, Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) said.

According to armed wing of the PKK, People's Defence Forces (HPG) statement, Kurdish guerillas attacked a military convoy in Hakkari yesterday.

Guerillas targeted the convoy near mountainous Kexe region and at least one Turkish soldier is confirmed wounded severely.

HPG said it's highly possible that the causalities of the Turkish army is more.

HPG statement also said that Turkish army is continuing it's artillery cross border attacks.

According to the statement Turkish artillery bombarded Haftanin region yesterday.

No causalities were reported.