Thursday, September 16, 2010

PKK denied connection with Hakkari attack

16 September 2010

PKK denied any connection with the bomb attack against a minibus in Hakkari

Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) denied any connection with the bomb attack against a minibus in Hakkari that killed nine civilians today. PKK said the attack is an act of contr-guerilla units.

Umbrella organization of the PKK, Kurdish Democratic Confederation (KCK) released a statement denying any connection with Hakkari attack.

PKK said the guerilla forces are committed to the unilateral ceasefire, declared on 13 August.

Kurdish boycott campaign against the constitutional referendum was most effective in Hakkari, only 7 percent of the registered voters casted their ballots.

PKK statement said in Peyanus village only 5 voters casted their ballots while 99 percent of the voters supported BDP's boycott campaign and labelled the attack "a response to Peyanus's attitude in the referendum."

"The attack in Hakkari is an attack to all the Kurds" PKK said.

PKK also warned AKP government saying "The people of Hakkari is not alone".

PKK declared the victims as "martyrs of democracy" and paid condolences to the relatives and Kurdish people.

A suspected road side bomb explosion killed nine civilians in Hakkari this morning.

A minibus carrying passengers between Durankaya, a town near Hakkari city, and Gecitli village was hit by an explosion.

At least nine people were killed and four wounded, Turkish officials said.