Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kurds are Boycotting Turkish schools from 20 to 25 September

Tuesday, September 14 2010

ANF 14.09.2010- Movement for Kurdish Language and Education (TZP-Kurdi) called on Kurds to boycott Turkish schools between 20-25 September. "Turkish Republic denied Kurdish identity and language in all aspects. Since there are no official recognition of Kurdish language in the Turkish constitution the Kurdish culture is at risk" TZP-Kurdi representative Adil Ercan said.He called Kurdish students to boycott Turkish schools between 20-25 September and families to support their children.
"Every Kurdish mother must teach her children Kurdish. Don't send your children to kindergartens until the age of six. The kindergartens are assimilation tools for Turkish state" he said.

Ercan reminded Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's remarks about assimilation that labels assimilation as a crime against humanity and said that Turkish government is committing the very same crime. "If a language dies, a nation starts to die" he added.

TZP-Kurdi called all NGO's and democratic institutions to support the boycott campaign.The boycott of Turkish schools was a decision of TZP-Kurdish Conference which took place in Diyarbakir, last month.

TZP-Kurdi activists will also present petitions to Regional Education Boards demanding education in Kurdish in elementary schools and kindergartens.