Friday, September 10, 2010

A Kurdish villager killed in Turkey-Iran border

09 September 2010

A Kurdish villager was killed while he was trying to cross the Turkey-Iran border illegally by Turkish soldiers in Van yesterday.

Vedat Keri(18) from Bakisik village in Saray district of Van province killed by Turkish soldiers yesterday.

He was trying to cross the border with his friend Adem Yakar (22) when Turkish soldiers opened fire on them.

Keri was killed on the scene while Yakar is wounded.

Yakar is taken to Van for treatment. He is reported to have minor injuries.

Keri's body is sent to Malatya Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy.

40 killed in 2010

Last week a Kurd was killed by Iranian soldiers on the border. 

Turkish and Iranian soldiers killed 40 Kurds who were trying to cross the border illegally since January.

According to ANF's records the 53 Kurdish villagers were killed in Turkey-Iran border between July 2009 - January 2010.