Friday, September 10, 2010

Karayilan: AKP asked for ceasefire but what it does now is treachery

Speaking about the Turkish military operation of 7 September in which nine Kurdish guerrillas lost their lives head of the Executive Committee of Kurdistan Democratic Confederation (KCK) Murat Karayilan said the operations are perfidy and counterfeit of the ruling party AKP.

Reminding that fact that 20 Kurdish guerrillas have lost their lives since the declaration of ceasefire on 13 August, Karayilan called on the civil society organisations to stand behind their words.

Karayilan also stated that unilateral ceasefire was demanded by the Turkish state and the AKP government and a delegation composed of officials met the imprisoned leader of PKK Abdullah Ocalan and asked for a ceasefire. Karayilan further stated that running military operations despite the ceasefire is a massacre and it shows the dirty tricks of AKP government.

Karayilan emphasised that in the past Turkish state has conducted military operations on holy days like Eid ul Fitr. “They made Eid miserable to the Kurdish people. Yet, on the occasion of the Eid I would like to greet Kurdish mothers, especially the mothers of martyrs.” added Karayilan.

Karayilan also stated that the operations conducted during Ramadan and the Eid indicate how insincere AKP is about Islam. He further called on the Kurdish people to get unified against cruelty which also a requirement of Islam. To resist against the cruel.

Warning the Turkish state and the AKP government Karayilan said neither them nor the Kurdish people can stand in the face of such attacks and urged the Kurdish people to protest against the military operations. He further stated that self-defence is a natural right and if the attacks on them continue nobody can blame them for defending themselves.

Karayilan once again reiterated his boycott call and said boycotting the referendum means demanding Democratic Autonomy in Kurdistan.