Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HPG releases balance sheet of war

07 September 2010

Despite the unilateral ceasefire by the PKK the Turkish army still carry on military operations

HPG (People's Defence Forces) released its balance-sheet for the month of August. The Kurdish guerrillas pulled its forces in a defence position since 13th of August. However, the Turkish state army has not responded positively to this non.action period, indeed continuing the military operations.

The Balance-Sheet of war from 1st to 13th of August, shows that 34 is the number of actions carried out by the Kurdish guerrillas, while 21 is the number of operations launched by the Turkish army.

In this period 26 Turkish soldiers have been killed, while 17 guerrillas lost their life.

As for the period from 14th to 31st August (i.e. the period on non-activity by the PKK), the balance-sheet shows that the guerrillas have carried out one action, while the Turkish army have carried out 26 operations. Three Turkish soldiers were killed, while 9 guerrillas lost their life.

The month of August has seen dozens of fires set up deliberately by the Turkish army resulting in the destruction of forests and bushes.