Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ahtisaari visits Baydemir in Diyarbakir

15 September 2010

Former Finnish president will meet with Democratic Society Congress

Former Finnish President and Nobel Peace Price Winner Martti Ahtisaari visited mayor of Diyarbakir Osman Baydemir today.

A "Mediators Committee" led by Ahtisaari visited Baydemir in his office today.

Baydemir said to Ahtisaari that the most important need of city of Diyarbakir is peace. He insisted that all the aspects of a solution for the Kurdish Question by military means are all experienced without any satisfying results.

"There is only one option left: negotiations. We demand dialogue and negotiations" he said.

Speaking after Baydemir, Ahtisaari did not talk about the Kurdish Question. He only commented about Turkey's bid to join the European Union and EU's demands from Turkish government for full membership.

After the visit Baydemir presented souvenirs to Ahtisaari and accompanying committee members.

Ahtisaari also visited Diyarbakir governor Mustafa Toprak. Speaking after the visit Ahtisaari said that the committee is in Diyarbakır "to observe and learn". He made no further comments.

Ahtisaari will visit Democratic Society Congress leaders Ahmet Turk and Aysel Tugluk later today.