Monday, September 6, 2010

150 thousand joins BDP boycott demonstration in Diyarbakir

Pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) continues its boycott rallies against the upcoming constitution referendum on 12 September. BDP held its biggest demonstration so far in Diyarbakir yesterday in which Democratic Autonomy project left its mark. The PM also had a pro-referendum demonstration at the same place the day before, however he could gather only 10 thousand some of whom had been brought from neighbouring cities.

Speaking at the demonstration Mayor of Diyarbakir Osman Baydemir said the AKP government is not sincere and BDP is exposing this reality. Regarding to the PM’s statement about destroying notorious Diyarbakir Prison and building a school instead Baydemir said they will let the prison to be destroyed and they will turn it into a human rights, democracy and peace museum. He also said that if a school is built instead the Kurdish children will be forced to sing nationalistic Turkish anthems everyday.

Baydemir also reminded Kurdish children Ugur Kaymaz and Ceylan Onkol who were killed by the security forces and said this is the action plan of the government, killing imprisoning Kurdish children.

BDP co-chair Gulten Kisanak who also addressed the crow said what they are asking for is identity, to receive recognition which is the most natural right of the people. She also stated that Kurds will not accept a constitution which does not recognise their existence and provide them guarantees.