Monday, October 4, 2010

Young Shiraz Sabri Nebo was arrested as he entered Syria on returning from Turkey

October 3, 2010 by sks

Media Institute of Western Kurdistan Society reports that security services arrested young Shiraz Sabri Nebo on 26 September 2010 after he returned from Turkey. His family have been given no information regarding his whereabouts, nor the reason for his arrest. It is reported that Shiraz Sabri Nebo’s father and brother were arrested against the background of the events of Newroz in al-Raqqa, and they remain in detention.
Dozens of Kurdish detainees were arrested after the events of Newroz, and their whereabouts are not clear. Some are detained in Adra prison, and others are in Fayhaa Branch of political security in Damascus. Their families are not allowed to visit to ensure that they are OK. Responsibility for this situation is on the shoulders of the Syria authorities, but the authorities are ignoring this conspiracy in al-Raqqa that has been orchestrated to target Kurdish citizens celebrating Newroz.
Media Institute of Western Kurdistan Society is informed by sources that torture and terror is used inside Adra prison in room number “12″, by wardens and in particular by Muhammad Ibrahim.
It is more than six months since the shooting by the authorities at al-Raqqa. Detainees have not yet been brought to trial, and are still being held without any legal basis for this lengthy detention.
Media Institute of Western Kurdistan Society – Kobani