Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kurdish prisoner died in Urmiye hospital

23 October 2010

Semed Ehmedî died allegedly as the results of tortures in prison

It was reported that political prisoner Semed Ehmedî, who fell sick in Urmiye prison in East Kurdistan due to the torture he was exposed to, lost his life in Urmiye Hospital were he had been taken.

Kurdish prisoner Semed Ehmedî, who was arrested in Urmiye in the summer months, fell sick after the torture applied on him and lost his life in the hospital he was taken for treatment.

While Ehmedî, who was known as Semed Diryaz among people, was reported to be a member of Komele organization; it was learned that he formerly stayed in Urmiye and Tabriz prisons for 5 years, lived in exile in Kazrun Province for 2 years and afterwards resumed on taking part in his struggle.

Due to his political practices, Ehmedi was arrested again by Iran regime in the summer months of 2010 and exposed to heavy tortures.


Urmiye prison was fairly transformed into the death camp of Iran regime. The heavy tortures on prisoners in Urmiye result in deaths or serious physical injuries. Since the year beginning, there have been a number of deaths under torture in East Kurdistan. According to the recordings of ANF, almost all being in Urmiye prison, at least 9 prisoners lost their lives unexpectedly since the beginning of this year. With the deaths under surveillance, the number of political prisoners, who lost their lives under torture in East Kurdistan, was recorded as 12, at least.

The true number of deaths under torture is guessed to be more as there aren’t any formal or independent statics about the transgressions in Iran prisons in addition to the intense censor and pressure on the media.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil