Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Petition filed to restore Tugluk and Turk role in Parliament

26 October 2010

After approval of Constitutional amendments the two former DTP deputies ask for their position to be reviewed

BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Şırnak MP Hasip Kaplan filed an application to Speaker’s Office to demand the restoration of DTP’s (Democratic Society Party) politically forbidden Co-Chair Ahmet Türk and MP Aysel Tuğluk’s deputy position after constitutional amendments.

At his speech yesterday, BDP Mp Hasip Kaplan reminded that Türk and Tuğluk were given a political ban as the result of a decision by the Constitutional Court, remarking that the 84 Article of the Constitution, which led to the dismissing of deputies, was changed with the referendum on 12 September.

Hasip Kaplan stated the followings; “Deputies are chosen for a legislative session period with the freewill of people. There will be an election in 2011. Namely, the period, when Türk and Tuğluk were chosen, is continuing. We demand the continuation of the membership for further, in the face of the actual state after constitutional amendment.”

Translation: Berna Ozgencil