Sunday, October 24, 2010

Turkish army strikes Zaxo, one civilian injured

23 October 2010

Air strikes leave at least one civilian wounded

It has been reported that a civilian was wounded in the air attack of Turkish army on Geliyê Psava/ Zaxo of South Kurdistan.

According to the reports coming from local sources, Turkish army dropped bombs on Geliyê Psava region of Zaxo this afternoon. In the air attack, a civilian named Şaban Exmiri, who is registered in Derkar District of Zaxo, was wounded.

At his attacks on South Kurdistan this year, Turkish army is aiming at especially civil settlements. As a result of these attacks, according to Fırat News Agency (ANF), at least 2 villagers lost their lives and 12 were wounded since May 2010. Separately, a number of houses of villagers fell into ruin, while their vineyards and orchards got harmed and peasants became unworkable.